The Significance of Literature in Society

Today, literature is the most symbolic form of expression in society. It is important to keep it alive as it enables us to keep learning about the past which forms the basis of history. Literature furthers our knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live in. If written works did not encourage us to ask questions, how would we continue to learn new things?

Literature in Society

Reading literary works of any kind helps us develop critical thinking skills. We learn to read in between the lines and find meaning in expressions of symbolism through story characters and depicted themes.

Without books, we have nothing to learn from about history, science, imagination, or speculation. Reading literature empowers us to learn, understand, and appreciate other cultures and belief systems formed by history, anthropology, and religion.

Literature is paramount for the stimulation of our minds and our ability to think further than societal norms. We are able to connect with our inner selves. Literary writers improve their craft by appreciating and reading literature other than their own. This is a prime example of how literature can help us grow in any way, shape, or form.

Speaking to the Masses

Books of written works – poetry, novels, prose – is a compilation of a universally understood language that is literature. For people who are afraid to speak out, the use of written words creates a voice that can be heard by many.

For those who have a message to give to the world, words are strung together to make lyrics for music. This is one of many ways which words are used for so much more than dusty old books in the school library.

We are always able to pursue studying new things every day through literature. Written works represent old and new traditions, beliefs, and cultures which we have the privilege of learning about daily. This can be in the form of magazine articles, daily newspapers, scientific journals, reports, or even literary art displays.

Embarking on Magical Journeys

Literature provides an escape for many living in society today. Reading gives a whole new level of experience for people all around the world. They are able to immerse themselves in a completely different reality to their own.

They meet new people in the form of characters of a story. These characters take them on journeys to wonderful places near and far. They follow the characters experiences which in turn make them feel real emotions such as empathy, grief, understanding, and love.

A written story, as a whole, is made up of several elements to develop either; a work of fiction or non-fiction. The essence of literature itself is the creation of written words which manifests into creative poetry, prose, novels, and much more. It is up to us to delve deeper into the different forms of literature to find our escape, the characters we most identify with, and parallel realities we find comfort in. Lastly, let literature continue to teach us new things!