Children – Development and Personal Growth Through Reading

Reading literary works of any kind plays a considerably large role in a child’s growth and personal development. Children are able to form attachments to stories and characters which stimulates their personal growth and learning process as a whole.

What Can Reading Do For A Child?

A child who reads, whether in school or at home, invariably enhances their knowledge and learning capabilities. It offers them a form of written entertainment as a recreational activity drawn from the love of literature. The visual imagery of places, different eras, people, and cultures are developed.

Skills Development

Throughout the school years of a child, they are required to read trade books. Reading of such books greatly improves their language skills. The use of sentence patterns and structure, overall word usage, and the expansion of their vocabulary increases. This includes critical thinking.

Classes in which literature is used to improve a child’s listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills are highly beneficial. Students are able to form discussions with literature based on the individual interpretation of the written text.

This in itself shows the child’s comprehension skills, reading ability, as well as visual literacy. By wholly participating in this sort of class curriculum, a child is able to create their own written stories which in turn may influence their attitude towards reading and writing.

Book Therapy

Believe it or not, there is a form of therapy today that involves the reading of books. It is called bibliotherapy. This is considered as a low-cost and adaptable form of therapy to treat a variety of psychological disorders.

There are two major forms of bibliotherapy; prescriptive and creative. Prescriptive bibliotherapy can be defined as a form of self-help treatment. Whereas creative bibliotherapy is described as a treatment aimed at self-discovery.

Prescriptive Bibliotherapy

This is when a mental health professional provides a patient with specific reading materials to aid in their treatment at home. Reading materials can be anything such as meditation techniques to aid in calming oneself.

Other specific materials used can help a patient discover their true feelings about themselves and their journey of recovery. It may also form new ideologies which are imperative in positively changing one’s way of thinking.

Creative Bibliotherapy

A mental health professional will make use of creative literature materials such as poetry, biographies, or novels. The aim is to improve the well being of the patient’s psyche through stories which the patient can relate to.

This is done in order to provide clarity and a better understanding of their own life situation. Apart from this, creative bibliotherapy aids in imparting moral values which contributes to the shaping of one’s personality. It also provides clarity on underlying themes in the literature such as love, war, tragedy, and loss. This also aids in the understanding of how society works as a whole.

Reading literature does way more than we could ever imagine. It stimulates our minds, ignites passion and creativity, and provides a power of inner healing!