21st Century Writers – Famous and French too!

Famous French writers of the 21st century have defied all definitions of artistry by their magical use of words to communicate all kinds of hidden expressions. These notable written works have been used to convey the messages which are mostly silenced by society today. Below, we have listed the most prominent French writers of the century. Each has elegantly broken all the writing rules and succeeded in doing so!

Famous and French Writers of the 21st Century

Frédéric Beigbeder

He was born in France in 1965. Today, he is a French writer, literary critic, columnist, and executive editor. At the tender age of 24, he started out as a copywriter for the marketing and media company, Young and Rubicam.

Over the years he has worked for different companies, including filling in the position as a columnist for the Le Figaro Magazine. Today, he is now the Executive Editor for the same magazine.

Notably, he won two French literary awards; the Prix Interallié Award for his Windows on the World novel and the Prix Renaudot Award for his book, Un roman Francais.

Francois Gautier

Francois was born in 1950. He is a French political writer, journalist, historian, and columnist now based in India.

He founded an NGO called the Foundation for Advancement of Cultural Ties with the focus being on Indian history. The Panchjanya’s Nachiketa Awards awarded Francois with the monetary Bipin Chandra Pal Award which he used to donate to his NGO.

Sophie Calle

Calle was born in 1953 and is known today as a French writer, photographer, conceptual artist, as well as an installation artist. Most of her artworks have depicted various life experiences of hers using different art mediums.

In 2017, she was shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize for her book, My All, which was published by the French publishing house, Actes Sud. My All, a photo-book full of postcard photographs chronicling all 54 of her artworks.

Emmanuelle Riva

Riva was born in France in the early part of 1927. She was notably known as a very successful French actress, but also dabbled in poetry, photography, painting, and singing.

Winner and nominee of several acting awards for her success as a French actress. A notable award won for her acting work include the Volpi Cup for Best Actress in 1962 for her film, Thérèse Desqueyroux. Nominated for multiple awards in 2012 for her performance in Amour, she won a few Best Actress awards including a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Her poetry collections were released in three parts; one in 1969, another in 1975, and the last in 1982. These collections were; Juste derrière le sifflet des trains, Le Feu des miroirs, and L’Otage du dèsir, respectively. Sadly, Emmanuelle passed away in January 2017 from cancer.

Famous 21st-century French writers have dominated the writing industry. However, we chose to highlight a range of French writers from various backgrounds of the industry which have revolutionized the French literary world!