About Czuku

Czuku is passionate about the creativity and expression of what the literary world has to offer us. Through works of commercial fiction that transport us to the parallel universes and beyond to classic literary fiction which highlights the societal struggles of eras past.

Who wouldn’t want to learn about such a world rich in imagery, craft, imagination, and passion? We are literary fanatics who take every opportunity there is to soak up the goodness of literature in any way, shape, or form. We’re talking about lengthy pieces of prose, epic poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and the list can go on!

Don’t be afraid to explore your own depths of writing talents. Use what you know well and tell a story no one else can. Break the rules and find your own voice. Go full on with a literary adventure that could very well be your next fantastical escape from the reality of a non-stop bustling world. 

The topics we have chosen to cover with all things related to literature are as follows:

  • The history that has shaped French literature into what it is today,
  • A careful selection of the greatest French classics we believe everyone with a love for French literature should read.
  • An in-depth and informative look into how literature is depicted and accepted through the eyes of society today.
  • Research and studies which reflect the effects of literary reading throughout the schooling careers of children. This highlights the effects of personal growth and cognitive development.
  • Many people today will disregard any form of literature as a work of art. However, we disprove this theory with the simple fact that just as an artist uses paint to create a colorful canvas, so too does a writer using evocative words as a tool to create a written work of art.
  • Everybody knows about the annual awards ceremony dedicated solely to the awarding of Nobel Prizes in various categories of notable works. However, there has not been enough said about the Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • The French writers, old and new, of the 21st-century, have continued to show why and how French literature has always played a revolutionary role in the world of literary works.

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